Tickets and Showtimes

We’re On YouTube!!

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Our 2021 show will be on CCX at the following times:

Saturday 5/8 on channel 859 at 8pm and replays 5/9 at 12pm

Monday 5/10 on channel 20 at 6pm and replays 5/11 at 10am

Wednesday 5/12 on channel 859 at 4pm and replays 5/13 at 8am

Saturday 5/15 on channel 20 at 7pm and replays 5/16 at 11am

Tuesday 5/18 on channel 859 at 5pm and replays 5/19 at 9am

Friday 5/21 on channel 20 at 9:30pm and replays 5/22 at 1:30pm   

They will also keep it in rotation for the next few months!                           

Ticket Hotline: 763-391-7205 (only checked January-April)