Preferred Plan (No other COVID restrictions): 

The show will happen on all 5 nights as usual. All WBR members will be required to show proof of vaccination and wear masks at all rehearsals as possible. Some WBR members may wear masks onstage at the discretion of their director. Anyone offstage, including the audience will wear their masks at all times. Seats will be sold to spread out groups and provide buffer seats. 

If we are no longer allowed to have an audience in the theater, but we can still use the space:

We will contact all patrons and ticket holders to immediately inform them of the change. The board will arrange to perform and record the show to be posted on Youtube and/or CCX. This link will be sent to all patrons and ticket holders.

If we cannot use the space at all:

Directors will work with their groups to arrange to film or record something, to be edited together into a show we can post on youtube. This may be performances via google meets that are recorded, small groups in person, or something else the director feels will capture the work their group has put in. Again, ticket holders and patrons will be contacted to let them know of the change and to provide the link to the video.